Thursday, May 1, 2014

Road Trip!

With another day filled with colder weather and rain... it seems a road trip was a welcomed event!

Judy and I headed into Town this morning, and picked up Kristina, Gwenny and Charlie, and loaded everyone into their Honda Van and took off for Orillia to visit my Mom. We pretty well hit rain all the way up to Orillia, when it eventually stopped. That is a 3 hour drive! Seems they made the new movie, "Noah" at the right time!

Mom was real happy to see Charlie and Gwenny again, (and the rest of us, of course...). Charlie makes himself home with anyone, but Gwenny was just not in the mood for picture taking this afternoon.

We managed to get Gwenny into the frame, with Charlie kicking her from behind... It was great to catch up with Mom, who we had not seen since last November when we left for Florida. She is doing great, and will soo be celebrating #91!


We got in touch with Judy's Brother, Garry, and his wife Shelly, and they met up with us for a great lunch over at Boston Pizza. We met up with Garry and Shelly last November down in Orlando, where we enjoyed a trip to Disney World.

I was laughing at Gwenny who fished the lemon wedge out of Judy's glass of water, and really enjoyed eating it!

However she was all business when the waitress brought out her chocolate sunday!

Enjoyed our visit, had a great day! Made it back home by 7:00 this evening...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Been a long time since we've had a family get together. Sure fun to see your pictures. That ice cream was definitely more important than looking at the camera.

  2. It is nice to get together with family when you can and yesterday was a good day to do it too.

  3. I'll bet Gwenny's ice cream sundae was pretty good after sucking on that lemon!

    Your Mom looks 91 years young!

  4. Your mom is clearly doing very well. How nice to take the family out to spend the day with her.