Thursday, April 14, 2011

Always time to fly…

A real nice warm day today here in Tennessee… This morning I was out and about scouting out a place to fly my plane… and a couple hobby stores, that turned out not to be what I needed…

We did pick up a nice new pillow top mattress for the RV today at an extremely reasonable price, that was made right here in Johnson City for us in about 5 days…

Emmie had some of her friends over this afternoon to play under the water sprinkler, they had a blast!


We ended out at Warrior’s Path State Park, where there is a great big paved parking lot for the swimming pool that is not open yet, so we were all set to fly…

Emmie and Shawn help me get the Super Cub ready for flight… we made two flights that were successful and included landings!


We even had the helicopter up in the air tonight and it managed to come back down safe!   Here are all the kids heading off into the sunset tonight!


Just another great day in Tennessee!

Till tomorrow…


  1. yes indeed it was!! the last shot of the happy little family!!

  2. Great shot of the family at the end of your blog. Your piloting skills are obviously improving. May be time to get that fighter back up in the air!

  3. What a nice day you had! Kids and sprinklers are always a winning combination.