Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the road again…

After a fantastic visit with the Hollinger Clan in Tennessee Judy and I hit the road this morning leaving Tennessee…

We travelled about 6 hours today, and stopped for needed supplies at Wal-Mart, and arrived at the KOA in Flatwood, West Virginia.   It is a real neat little spot, with a bunch of outlet malls here. 

Little Paige was up early and playing with her new Laptop we got her the other day… she was in a great mood!


Emmie slept in this morning, and was horsing around with me and her new microphone we gave her… she may be on Canadian Idol one day…


We hit the road shortly before 10:00 a.m.  It was raining when we left, but dried up a little later on.

As you leave Tennessee, you hit Virginia, and then West Virginia… here we are crossing a great big bridge over the New River! (It’s a long way down)


Lots of mountains in West Virginia, and lots of coal mines… oopppsss, that is our radio antenna cutting the picture in half…


We stopped in Flatwood, at the KOA, which is part of a large hotel here… set up the dish to watch the Montreal Cdn. game tonight, only to find it is not on tonight… oopppsss…


A neat little KOA, we are among the group of RV’s in the centre of the picture.


This is a large hotel complex that is set up for business conferences…


We made it up to enjoy a swim and hot tub before our dinner…


Will take life easy tonight, and hit the road tomorrow morning! (I can almost see Canada…)

Sad to report that Al and Kelly lost one of “The Bayfield Bunch” today… Checkers was a great Dog that Judy and I met at Borrego Springs this past winter.  Our hearts go out to Al and Kelly.

Till tomorrow…



  1. safe travels to you and Judy as you get closer to Canada!..the light is still burning bright!!

  2. Must have been tough leaving those cute little Grandkids!

    The KOA park looks like a nice little park. Here's hoping you don't run into any snow as you head further north!

  3. so what happened to your saguaro on the antenna? Or do you take it off when you leave AZ? Anyway, it's nice to be reading you blog in real time now.

  4. Gorgeous views! I just may have to add WV to our list!