Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swimming Day!

Check out this neat Easter Flag that GiGi sent down to the kids from Toronto…  little Emmie is posing with the flag that has the Family name on it… won’t be long before Hop Hop comes to visit!


This is what happens when you take a picture of a song bird about 500 feet away from you, with a little Nikon point and shoot on full digital zoom and try to zoom in even  more just to find out what type of bird it was… still can’t tell… sounded great though!


After messing around with the camera and birds… we headed into Johnson City to visit the Aquatic Centre on ETSU.  As Shawn is a Resident Dr. at the Johnson City Hospital, which is part of the East Tennessee State University, he gets full privileges at the University, including the pool!  Today was family swing day so off we went!

Nice facility…


Awesome gym set up… including 8 different plasma TV’s to watch…


This is the weight room!


Check out the pool facility… almost wants you to enrol back in University!


Jenn and Judy are taking Paige for a swim…


Emmie had her water wings…


Emmie was learning how to “fly”…


Emmie loved me pulling her around on the noodle…


Just another great Family day with the kids…

Had a question from Pat on last night’s blog, about what was behind Paige in the Arch at the park.  (Warrior’s Path State Park)… The answer is a Narnia Creature… the kids park is based on the movie “Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”… all the creatures from the movie are here!

Had some poor weather here today, wet and cool and windy, not your normal Tennessee weather… hope it gets better soon.


Tomorrow, being Sunday, Shawn and I have decided to make the drive to Nashville and take in Game 3 between the Nashville Preds and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks!  Neither of us have been to a playoff game so this will be a first…  won’t make it back until real late tomorrow night so will not do a blog and make up for it on Monday!

Till Monday…


  1. Like you said - another great family day. The hockey game should be fun tomorrow - even if the Leafs aren't playing!

  2. I think that was one of those shadowy Gilly-Galoo birds;))

  3. Shots of birds like that are what starts rumors you know. Just look at some of the pictures of Bigfoot! Maybe you can sell the story to the National Enquirer LOL!!

    Great photos of the kids swimming. Looks like a wonderful facility.

  4. I can rest easy now. I thought you were being stalked. Enjoy the game. Hockey in Tennessee? I guess that's no stranger than hockey in Arizona. When the Jets first came down here, they played in the basketball arena downtown. You could buy a real cheap ticket high above the south goal because you couldn't see the ice from the blue line in.