Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our last day in Tennessee…

Lots of the go today being our last full day here, started off bright and early by heading out to Warrior’s Path State Park by myself this morning as everyone slept in, and flew my Super Cub for 45 minutes… great morning for it!

By 10:30 this morning it was hot, and ended up washing up the Jeep and getting a whole bunch of California Desert off of it… just a bit of dust and dirt left over… nice and clean now though…

Judy and I went and did a bunch of shopping in early afternoon, and then it was pool time… Paige has her own little water table!


Shawn and Jenn’s neighbours were over for a Pizza Party with us tonight and all the kids had a ball… so did the big ones…


Little Paige was chilling out in her little chair…


while the big kids enjoyed the old sprinkler…


Simply nice Tennessee weather… all the pictures tonight are taken with our new Kodak Easy Share M550.  I picked it up from the Target Store this afternoon… it was on sale for $34.00, go figure!  We needed a new disposable and it seems to work just great!


Cara has Paige all in knots…


Trying to teach Paige how to walk… so far she is not real interested… it will come…


Judy and I picked up Paige a new LAPTOP!!!!!  It seemed to work better than my HP… even played music and all kinds of stuff… Paige was right into it!


Just a great way to end out Tennessee visit!  We will run into them all again at the end of May as we help them unload the big truck in Ottawa!  Times are a changing for them!

Will hit the road north tomorrow morning and who knows where we will stop???

Till tomorrow…


  1. safe travels to you both..where ever you are headed!!

  2. I've really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your family and all the things you've done during your visit with them in Tennessee! It's been great.

    The 'Grands' are going to miss you and Judy so I'm glad you'll be seeing them again at the end of May! Ottawa should be inhabitable by then.

  3. It has been wonderful to read of your visit to Tennessee and your extended family - and those precious grandbabies. Safe travels on your way north.

  4. Nice pictures of kids having fun. A great way to spend the day.

  5. Clearly, a most enjoyable visit with your family and the grand kids. Hard to beat that. Enjoy your journey away from Tennessee.