Monday, April 25, 2011

We found a new home!

Judy and I did a bit of scouting around today, and we have found a new home!   We are now located at Willow Lake Park.  It is a real nice RV Park, only  a couple miles out of Woodstock, and only a 10 minute drive to Kristina’s and Chris’ home, who are probably much relieved that we have moved our monster motorhome out of their driveway.  We only threatened a few times that we were going to stay the summer…

Our arrival was not without some problems, as it was raining here big time today, and when I was backing into our new site… we kind of sunk!  Ron, the Owner of the Park, was a great help and brought his tractor over and pulled us out and got us set in our new site… we have a couple ruts that will need a weeee bit of repair though…


Our lot looks a lot better from this side right now…


This park has a nice swimming pool and hot tub and rec hall, so should be a great place to spend most of the summer… we do have some little trips in mind.

Here is the last RV Park we stayed at… oooppppssss, sorry, this is Chris and Kristina’s home, with Mom and Dad freeloading in the driveway!


Wanted to post a picture we took on Saturday night, while visiting good friends, Debbie and Gerard in Kitchener.  They have 3 dogs for the next while, as they dog sit 2 of Gerard’s Son’s dogs while they move… they have their hands full. 


I don’t know about where you are, but for the next 5 days here it is going to rain, and then rain some more… April showers bring May flowers I hope!

Must give a big welcome to Doug R and DearMissMermaid, who are our latest blog followers.  Welcome to RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow…


  1. We're about to move over to Willow Lake RV Park in Prescott, AZ... I thought we were going to get to meet some fellow RV bloggers before I remembered where you're at!

  2. looks like you did a nice job redoing the lawn!..glad you got out and re-parked with no more issues!

  3. You are in a spot very, very familiar to me as a young lad. Willow Lake once had a large swimming pool at the front closer to the highway. This was the number one swimming spot for everyone for miles & miles around. School trips came here in June & I have swam in that big pool many times. I think it is filled in now. I think where you are parked was once a large parking area for the many cars of families that came there years ago. Might have been a ball field there too.

  4. Congrats on finding a nice RV park so close to your family. You're right, those are just a couple of 'wee ruts' in the grass!!

  5. Looks a little damp but very nice. Do they have a website? We are looking for a spot for Sep onward until we head south.

  6. you could start a whole new business of house sitting from your rv.

  7. Nothing wrong with a little driveway freeloading:)