Friday, April 29, 2011

Working on the newest member of the fleet!

Back about 6 years ago, in April of 2005, I required  emergency triple heart bypass surgery in order to keep living!  At the time I was employed as a Bank Manager for Scotiabank, and after surgery I had about 3 months to re-cover.  I badly needed something to do to fill my time… something that did not take a lot of physical effort, as you can’t do much at all after that kind of surgery.  So, I went down to a hobby shop in Orillia and purchased a Piper Cub Model Airplane that came in about a million pieces and decided to put it all together.  I also bought all the necessary equipment needed to fly it, like a motor, transmitter, receiver etc…

I think it took me about 2 months to build it, and I thought it turned out not too bad… after all I did have a lot of time to spend on it!  After I finished it, Judy and I took it down to a big parking lot and I wanted to get that puppy flying!  Well, after numerous attempts, it did not happen… couldn’t get it up in the air at all… that was life at the time!

Fast forward 6 years, and after a great winter down in California where I got “into” flying… I came back home and got out the old Cub!  Maybe now I can get it to fly!

So I started work… it needed a few things done.  Today I fixed up the control surfaces… the rudder and the elevator.  They needed adjusting.

Also, after charging up the transmitter, I was able to fire up the plane using one of my helicopter batteries!  It worked great, and I will probably use one to fly it!

I also stopped into the local hobby shop here in Woodstock and picked up some needed little wee screws and nuts, and a new prop for it.


This plane is made of balsa wood, and then you put like a shrink wrap coating over the balsa… makes for a nice smooth finish.   Problem is though, you do not want to crash… will cause quite a bit of damage… will work on this soon!

This is now my new project, to get this plane in the air and finish up old business I started 6 years ago!  I will not rest until it flies!


We made our way around Woodstock today, and found out that it is known as the “Dairy Capital” of Canada… Check out these cows they have downtown…

This one is by a Health Centre…


At the other end of the Main Street, this one has it’s own pedestal! 


This afternoon, I took Kristina’s and Chris’ dog, Cali, down to the dog park for some exercise… she had a great time.  I also got Cali a new bone, as the one I got her last fall was pretty much done…

Here she is giving the new bone a workout!

See, this picture is taken with our new LG Smartphone, and the quality is slowly getting better as I figure out how to do it!


Not much difference to report on the weather front here today, plain lousy.  Supposed to get sunny and warmer tomorrow… here is hoping!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great story! I can see now why you like flying model airplanes so much. I hope you get that one up in the air soon and down safely.

    That's a heck of a dog bone!!

  2. happy flying with the six year old plane..quite the story about your surgery!..hope you have liftoff!!

  3. Be careful when you get that Piper Cub airborne that you don't hit a cow upon landing.....:))

  4. Plane is cool... and how nicw you got to visit the surrounding area...
    Have fun & travel safe

  5. Enjoyed your story and the photos of your plane. Hope you have lots of fun flying it.