Saturday, April 2, 2011

Repair Day… Ready to Roll…

We were off early this morning taking our Motorhome over to Pahrump Motors to have them take a look at our wheel… (remember… Click, Click, Click).

While they were  looking at the motorhome, we decided to drive out to the dry lake bed here, and take the planes for a flight… My Super Cub flew great, while my P-47, started out OK, but got the best of me again and did not land quite so good… can’t show you the pictures… to hard on me…

Super Cub in Flight...

For Pete’s sake, OK… here is the busted up P-47…

I took it not too bad… and it can be fixed to fly again!


They called us to inform us the RV was ready, and lucky for us, the wheel noise turned out to be a small little crack is the hubcap of all things!  We have a small hub cap that goes over the lug nuts on our custom Alcoa Aluminum Rims.  Every time the wheel turns the cab makes a click… the fix would be a new cap.  You cannot see the small crack in this photo, but the lug nuts you see are fake, and form the hub over the wheel.


We also had some problems with the tail lights leading to our Jeep, and they fixed this problem today for us as well, involving new plugs and brake light switch under the dash… a bit expensive…

We have had problems with our electric step as well, the motor mount broke, causing the step to become lose… The Super RV Centre, fixed this with then installation of two new support screws and problem fixed… as good as new, and only 1/2 an hour of labour…($50.00) not bad!  We expected a lot more…

Well, we are not done with Death Valley yet, so here we go again…

If you recall from earlier pictures of Death Valley, there was a big white dry lake bed in many of them… it is known as the Badwater Basin, and we hit it! 


If you turn around and look at the mountain, right behind you, the sign you see half way up in the centre of the picture says “SEA LEVEL”. I believe this is the lowest spot in North America!



This is a view from the observatory set up for visitors…


You can walk right out onto the salt dry lake bed…


Near the shore there was actually a bit of water… it would be a little salty!  Many many moons ago, a prospector brought his mule here to drink and it refused!  The prospector said “This must be Bad Water!”… now you know how a name sticks…


Where I am standing, the salt is just a bit damp, so it looks like and feels like you are on a skating rink!  You could have skated on this!


Super close up of the salt crystals…


It was very neat to see, and also very hot, it got to over 40 deg. C. this day!  

So tomorrow morning, (Saturday) we are off and rolling again now that our all repairs are out of the way.  We will head down to Highway 40 south of Las Vegas and head east to Tennessee… we have some special people to meet there!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Glad to see you got your repairs taken care of and that the wheel, especially, was no big deal. Sorry to hear that the P-47 wants to stay up in the air and doesn't want to land though - at least not without a fight!

    Thanks for more interesting info and photos on Death Valley. I think that'll be on our agenda for the way home next year!

  2. great shots of the lowest point in North America!!..interesting place..yet another one to add to our ever growing list!!

  3. Your pics of Bad Water brought back memories of our time there years ago. Unfortunately it was back in the 35mm days. Seems so long ago that we were heading east on I-40 & yet it was just a week ago. That was good news about the cheaper cracked hub cap.

  4. I think we missed you by a hair. We just landed (no pun intended) at the winery here in Pahrump. LOVEing the cool afternoon clouds. wishing you well with your repairs and travel safe.