Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting around Woodstock…

Lots of rain again today here, however the sun came out late this afternoon, and it turned out quite nice…

We had a couple ducks walking outside the back of our RV this morning, and I think Patra was checking them out here…


This morning was spent setting up all the stuff in our RV and clearing out our basement… we have a nice shed now, so I moved a bunch of stuff out there! 

Took a walk around the park tonight and took some pictures…


There are a couple little cabins people can rent to stay in… better than a tent I guess!


They have a nice rec hall, and kids area… the rec hall if full of classic cars, as the Park Owner is a member of a car club and parks a bunch in there for the winter.


At the far end of our Park, there are a bunch of homes that are inhabited year round!


We picked up Kristina this afternoon and did a bunch of stuff around Woodstock.   Judy and I were able to go and vote here in Woodstock for our Home riding of Parry Sound/Muskoka. 

Picked a few little items up at Home Depot, and stopped in at the Bell Store as I wanted to see about improving our cell phone plan.   Ended up getting a nice new LG Smart Phone…an Optimum Quantum… sounds kind of out there… it is the C900B and does just about anything you every want your phone or laptop to do… Big learning curve here!  Now I have something to do for the next month or two!


Watched Montreal beat Boston tonight, and just started watching Vancouver try to beat Chicago in game 7… wow… Vancouver just scored!

Well, looks like more rain tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…



  1. Too bad you still weren't down in 'Smashville' as you may have been able to watch a Canucks playoff game live!!

    Your campground should look really, really nice once the leaves are on all the trees.

    Nice phone too - hope you have better luck learning it than the P-47.