Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is with this weather???

Just not a great day here in Woodstock… This morning it started raining early and just kept at it.  Turned cold… the whole bit!  Go figure… Makes a Man start thinking about going to Desert Hot Springs…

I went into Woodstock to check out the revamped Canadian Tire Store this morning… they are have a weekend grand opening… they had lots of stuff on sale, but not much what I needed.   Did get a new hummingbird feeder if it ever warms up here…

Spent the rest of the day doing some work inside the RV.  We have a small leak into our kitchen area from all the rain, and it seems a faulty piece of trim outside may be the culprit!  Have to wait for the sun to come out.

Went in and had supper with Kristina and Chris tonight… Kristina made these great home made pizzas… check them out…


They were yummie…

That was about it for a dull day…

Till tomorrow…


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  2. nice looking pizza! us a piece or two!!

  3. Great looking pizza! That brightens up a dull day for sure.

  4. At least ya never got's blown a shore Laddie buck like does unfortunate soles down south and around t.o share the pizza Maverick ya ole cowboy (ya can't park here senior)

  5. YUM...that looks good. Nice to have the oven on when it's cold and dreary out.

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