Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Oh Canada…”

Yes, we made it back to Canada at 4:05 this afternoon. 

We woke up early in Flatwood, West Virginia this morning, and it was warm… hit the road by 8:30 after we packed everything up! 

Lots of hills and valleys as you travel this area… Judy is the photographer today…


Out of the blue, as we were motoring through Pennsylvania, this guy pulls in front of us with his lights flashing and stayed there for a couple of miles… we did not know we were THAT big…  seems the truck he was leading was right behind us!


As you get up near New York State, you start to hit wine country… lots of vineyards…


Judy got all excited when she saw the flag just a flying!


I got all excited when I saw this…


We had a great border crossing… the Canadian Custom Agent was in a good mood, and checked our passports out, and then was asking me how much it costs to fill our Motorhome up with diesel fuel???   He forgot to ask us the standard questions like how much we spent and how much booze and  smokes we have… oh well…  maybe next time.  We were soon on our way…

This is Lake Ontario, as you hit Burlington… the water level seemed high this year…


And here is a bit of a pet peeve for tonight’s blog… as we were motoring through Pennsylvania, we sit up nice and high in our motorhome.   It gives you a chance to see other people as you pass them.   In a 5 minute stretch along Interstate 79, I cam across a Lady driving by herself, while she was reading her book attached to the steering wheel, and if that was not enough, just up the road, another lady was driving by herself, and typing up a text message as she swerved all over her lane!   Both these Ladies were travelling at 65 to 70 MPH.   I find it hard to believe.  Do they not think that they are putting other people’s lives at risk… or do they simply do not care???    They must care about other people’s lives, so in reality they must think they can drive at 70 MPH and text or read without any problems!   Oh boy…

We made it up to Woodstock, Ontario, and are parked in our Daughter’s driveway tonight!  Good to be back in the homeland… even if it is freeze your butt cold here!

Till tomorrow…


  1. welcome back to Canada, to you both!!!..enjoy the Tim Horton's coffee!!!

  2. They should open a Tim Horton's next to arena. Enjoy your stay home!

  3. Welsome to Canada and Ontario, it has been awhile since we saw you here in Canada last. Hope that spring stays for good this time.
    Wilf n Betty Blakey
    Kirkland Lake,Ontario

  4. Can't wait until we get up to Canada ourselves! We'll drive through there to see Alaska... what a trek it's going to be!

  5. Welcome back - your own escort too, I never realized you were such an important guy!!

    You gotta wonder about some drivers - texting, but a book attached to the steering wheel?? Insane!

  6. Welcome back home to Canada.

    We have witnessed our fair share of brazenly distracted drivers zig zagging all over the highways. It especially unnerving when they are in the lane next to us or directly in front of us.

    Hope your Ontario weather improves.

  7. I am hoping to be all wrapped up here in Havasu, and back in Canada the first week in June. Dave and Angela's renovations are going well, and I have also gotten the reno's at my place well under way. See you before too long.