Monday, April 18, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee, home of Country Music…

On Sunday Shawn and I decided to take in the Nashville/Anaheim Hockey Game 3 of the playoffs, in Nashville, Tn.   It was a bit of a drive for us, 4 hours, but what the heck… it is playoff hockey!

We left at 10:30 in the morning from Johnson City, and headed west, arriving in Nashville by 3:00 p.m.  Not bad.  Game time was 6:00 EST, however it was a 5:00 p.m. start on central time in Nashville.  We got parked and headed toward the arena… the big white thing in the background.  They are very old fashioned in Nashville and still ride around with horse and carriages…


I found the more modern lifestyle, as the segue tour came by…


Found a very impressive statue in front of the Nashville Symphony…


Found lot of culture on Sunday, here is the Country Music Hall of Fame, and look in the background… they are expanding it 4 times as big!


The Predators play in the Bridgestone Arena, here is the back of it, and as you can see is right across the road from the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Downtown Nashville looms behind the arena.


Now this is hockey, Nashville style… check out the hay bales…


They had this kid’s slide, but I think it scared a few of them away…


They had a live band playing out front…


Of course you have to have a giant hockey player…


And of course the Preds Foundation got in on the action, by charging $5.00 to “Whack a Duck Car”… great idea for a fund raiser, and a few people got in on the action to release the frustrations…


It would not be a trip to Nashville, if you didn’t take a walk down Broadway!  What a street, my first time there, and it was “Partyville”…  Lots of Musicians playing for money, lots of bars with live bands… lots of everything… Shawn and I found a great Irish Type Pub/Sports bar and we enjoyed a great dinner and enjoyed some “Nashville Refreshments”!


Just outside our Restaurant, this guy was entertaining the crowd… apparently he lives here and I was told that “He was all shook up…”


Shawn got all caught up in the excitement and got a Nashville Preds hair cut… complete with Green, Blue and Yellow…


Hockey “Lives” in Nashville…


There was a terrific atmosphere for Game 3…


This game was a complete sell out at 17,113 raging Fans… what a spot… they gave everyone a Preds Towel to wave, and the game turned out to be fantastic!  The Preds won 4 to 3 and don’t ask how our seats were, as we hardly ever sat in them…we were up in the upper deck and it didn’t matter!


This is the warm up prior to the game… I did not take any pictures during the game, just to busy having a great time and cheering…  Yes, you can be a Preds Fan for a day!  This was one of the greatest games I have been to see live, as the action never stopped, and the Fans were just “into it”!  You had to be there… This Team is only in it’s 12th season, but you would not know it… Hockey Lives in Nashville!


The game finished after 9:00 EST and we made it home by 1:30… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Had a blast and would go back again in a heart beat!

Today was spent sleeping in, however Dr. Shawn had to show up at the Hospital at 6:00 this morning… yikes…

This afternoon I spent washing down the RV with the pressure washer and just doing fun stuff!

Till tomorrow…


  1. great to see you are having a good time and can actually get over the LEAFS for a bit lol

  2. nothing like seeing playoff hockey live!!!..sounds like you both had a great time!..towel waving and all..hey..that was stolen from our Vancouver Canucks..and the great Roger Neilson!!

  3. Just wondering if Dr. Shawn showed up at the Hospital with green, blue and yellow hair?? I'd have a heart attack if my Doctor walked in at 6am like that!!

    Looks like a great day of fun and entertainment. Sports are now 'events' plus the game. I watched it on TV but didn't see you I guess because you were up with the Gods!

    Good to see Elvis is still doing well and looking good!

  4. Funny I should see this. I was just doing a DVD today (finally) of our trip to Nashville last Sept. The picture you have looking down Broadway shows Tootsie's bar on the left (the purple one) - where MANY stars got their start, and the Ryman Aud. is right behind it -- red brick building, where we saw the Grand Ole Opry. I love bar-hopping on Broadway!