Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Tennessee Scorcher….

Judy and I thought it was hot in Death Valley, Ca.!  Yikes, today it was 85 Deg. F. or 30 Deg. C.

With real high humidity to boot, you could hardly breath…

We started off the day having a blast as Emmie and I treated everyone to a great breakfast of Banana Pancakes!   Check out Chef Emmie!


Shawn and I headed out after Breakfast and cut the back yard and did the Whipper Snipping…(Canadian term…)  The kiddies had a Play-dough party on the deck…


This is how hot it got today in Tennessee…


Jenn broke out the water sprinkler for the kids as well…


On the list for this afternoon was the Annual March of Dimes 5K walk in support of little kids… we were back at the same spot as yesterdays run, on the Campus of East Tennessee State University.  A great spot…


Our son Shawn, as I have mentioned before, is completing his Residency here, at the Johnson City Hospital, Quillen ETSU Physicians.  He will finish in June.  His Paediatrics group sponsored Spirit Station #2 for the walkers.   It was great to see some of the Parents of Shawn’s patients come out and speak to him and thank him for his service.  He has a set group of patients at the Hospital, and they come in looking for him specifically!   It was great to see!



Dr. Hollinger talking it up at the walk…


This tree was ripped out of the ground by a real big thunder storm that hit us all last night at about 5:30 p.m.   Big time storm… lots of rain.


Emmie had a rainbow painted on her face…


Shawn and I got into a “Cornhole” game… (I think I beat him…)


They had an Ambassador Family that led the walk…


Quite a few walkers raised a lot of money… it was hot for walking, but we had a lot of water with us and made it through…


After the walk we rested a while under this great Flowering Cherry Tree… amazing…


We went over for ice cream after, with a bunch of the other Resident Dr.’s, and all the kids loved this fountain outside the Ice Cream Shop!  


Overall, just another great day…

Must say “Happy Birthday” to my younger Brother Gord, up in Orillia, Ont.   Your catching up to me…

Till tomorrow…


  1. another great day in the life of the Hollingers!..your son is very 'civic minded' when it comes to raising money for the hospital!..nice to see someone so involved!!

  2. What a great day even though it seemed to be unbearably hot. Looks like the little guys are really enjoying having the Grandparents around.

    Must have been quite a storm to uproot that big old tree!

  3. What a fabulous day! FYI - at Lake Mead Boulder Beach there is a dedicated, paved, huge Model Airplane flying area. Lots of guys there this morning - one with a Delta Wing model, and it was neat!

  4. It has been about 85 degrees in Lake Havasu the last few days John. But it is very pleasant because there is no humidity. Keep the shiny side up