Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with Family…

Hope everyone enjoyed Easter Sunday.  We had a great day, starting off by attending Church Service in Woodstock with Kristina and Chris.  We loved watching our Daughter play a Flute Solo during the Service.  

Soon after, we hit the road for a 2 1/2 hour drive up to Orillia to visit my Mother.  Had a great visit, and looked through a bunch of old family photo albums… no digital cameras back then…

Here is our Daughter, Kristina and Chris in Orillia outside Granma's apartment.  It was a great day weather wise in Orillia this afternoon.


We had about 18 or so out for dinner tonight up in Orillia… had a great time.


We were at a restaurant called McCabe's.  They put on a good spread for us tonight. 


Just made it back to Woodstock tonight at about 10:00, and it has been a long day… so that results in a short blog!

Till tomorrow…


  1. looks like a great day filled with family fun!!..Happy Easter!

  2. That dinner out must have been fun with so many of your family present. Glad to see your daughter is looking so good during her pregnancy. Great looking Easter Day.

  3. Haha only in my Dad's eyes was it a flute solo, in reality there were 3 people singing, plus a pianist and a drummer, and my little flute piped in from time to time ;) it was so lovely having you and Mom there, what a joyous Easter!