Friday, April 15, 2011

Just another busy day…

Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) is back home in Ontario and is up to his elbows in yard work…trying to keep up to him I spent this morning cutting grass and doing some whipper snipping around Shawn and Jenn’s home… and it is not a small one, the yard is extra big! 

While I was doing that Jenn and Judy took the kids off to Emmie’s gymnastic class…


She is doing very well and love the class…



After the class, we all met out at Warrior’s Path State Park for a picnic lunch… and some play time of course…


A little creek runs right through the play ground, and the kids all had to check it out… it was cool!


They have a great playground and it was packed today, as they bus all the school kids down here and they enjoy a bag lunch and then some playtime, and then back to school… had to bee over 100 of them here today.


We all enjoy our lunch… it was a nice day here…


I had Emmie just a flying on the swing… the higher the better for her!


If one is on the swing, it won’t be long before the other is on the swing, as Paige did not want to miss out on this action


Here is Judy and I with the kids, as we all decided it would be fun to go out for dinner tonight… we hit a real nice restaurant called “Cheddars” … it was great!  We had 4 adults, and 2 kids, and had full course meals and the tab came to $50.00… try to find a restaurant in Ontario that you can do that at!


Emmie was going over the menu…


Lots of fun again today…  Judy even got crazy and did up our income tax returns with very favourable results if I might say so myself!  Gotta love when you can email your taxes in.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Another great day with the grandkids - lots of fun pictures.

    I had a first look at our income tax today and it looks like you may be getting some of my money!!

  2. and my money too!!..what the heck!!..everyone sure cleans up nice!!

  3. Those kids look so happy on the swings! What a great day...even if it was tax day!!

  4. What is that in the archway in the picture of Paige? Looks like a 5 foot tall white dog or could it be a statue of some sort.