Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a little bit of weather today…

This morning I was all set to do a bunch of outside work around the RV but the pitter patter of rain on the roof stopped me… 

Judy was doing cleaning around the RV, and I ended up just sort of taking life easy on the internet and playing with my new LG Phone…

Kristina helped me set up Email and Facebook on my new Smartphone this afternoon, here we are playing duelling computers… Judy snapped the picture with our new phone… just a bit of backlight though…

Kris and Me

This afternoon we went into Woodstock for a few errands at the Bank etc… and while I was at Home Depot, big time wind hit Woodstock with a bunch of rain… it was wild for a short time!

Judy cooked up a big pot of chili this afternoon so we could enjoy it while watching the Montreal Hockey Game tonight!  I snapped a pic of her cooking with the new phone in the RV but had the shakes real bad… got to improve on these pictures!  Tomorrow!

Judy Cooking

There was a trailer with an awning out at our park, and the awning is now on the other side of the trailer!

Real sad to report that Al and Kelly from

TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) have lost another one of their dogs, Max who passed away today.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bayfield Bunch tonight…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Did almost lose her Scottie,was she comin apart,Yo Cowboy ya can't park here

  2. have fun with the new toy!!..looks like you are getting the hang of it!!

  3. With that shaky pic, maybe the wind was blowin' a little harder than you thought!