Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the Road Again… (Meteor Crater City, Az.)

I was up early this morning at 6:30 with hitch itch… that is when you just gotta go! 

We hit the road before 8:30, probably a record for us… said goodbye to Pahrump!  A great spot!

Headed towards Las Vegas and actually crossed the new bridge over the Hoover Dam… amazing!

On the Hwy. 160 from Pahrump to Vegas, you come across this real neat cave… I think the boogy man lives in there…


Lake Mead is always great to look at, even if it seems to be running out of water…


This is the crossing of the new bridge… can’t see a darn thing from the top… must disappoint many tourist who want to see the Dam!  I would hate to see the final bill for this bridge…


This is all you see over the edge…


Once you past Flagstaff on Hwy. 40, this is what you see… nothing!


We made it to Meteor Crater City, at the same park as last year… great spot, good WIFI, and set up the dish to watch my Leaf’s beat up on Ottawa… the dream is still alive…

Back to Death Valley, a place I cannot get out of my head… after we visited Badwater, we headed up the road to a place called “The Natural Bridge”.

A great canyon heading into the mountains…


It was about 1 mile in, and 1 mile out… just as we started, I ran into this guy catching a few rays!


This is an awesome hike up a canyon that narrows…


This is the natural bridge… kind cool, and big!


These canyons are all about erosion… you can see where the water falls have cut into this mountain… it is awesome!


This give you some perspective on how big this bridge actually is…


Time to move on, to the Devils Golf Course… what a spot… it is out north of the Badwater area of Death Valley… salt bubbles up to the surface and look what it does…


Here is Judy heading out for a round of golf…


It is remarkable how diverse this Valley is… kind of hard to wrap you head around all the different things you can see… we are not done yet!


This stuff is harder than rocks! 


Turned out to be another great day in Death Valley…  we loved it!

Tomorrow we are on the road again… probably will hit around Albuquerque, New Mexico… maybe…

Till tomorrow…


  1. go leafs go!..ha!..the canucks are losing 3-1 right now!..what the heck!!! travels tomorrow..great shots of 'rock bridge'..mother nature is amazing!

  2. Seems like you saw a whole lot of nothing for a while there LOL! But then you went on and got some really cool pictures of Death Valley. I enjoyed your photo tour. Drive careful tomorrow.

  3. Even if that bridge costs billions, it will never be better than the old Hoover Dam one! It's pretty neat looking though!

    That's quite the golf course in Death Valley. Mind you, they all look like that to me!

  4. Yep, that's quite a big stretch of nothing along I-40 in that area alright. Boring or what!!

  5. Boring drives are OK as long as there's a scenery reward in the end :-)

  6. Just out of curiousity - did you have a vehicle inspection when you crossed the new bridge, as there are inspections on the old Hoover Dam bridge? If you are are headed to New Mexico that means you are on the way home - too bad - see you next year???

  7. Never got to see the putting greens on the golf course. Sure looks like a really tough course to play - or walk,for that matter. Interesting name for a site. This could really reek havoc with one's golf handicap. Yikes!!!!