Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally, the Sun comes back!

Turned out to be not a bad day today, up around 19 or 20 degrees, and lots of sun.

Started the day off by wanting to go and fly my Super Cub… I found just down the road from us a public park that is huge… and is used for kids soccer. 

Had a great couple flights with the plane and then decided to mount the wings off of my balsa wood plane onto my new Cub and see if it would fly… sounds easy, right… well not quite…

Seems the new wings did not agree with the Cub and the plane flew very erratic and ended up in a very rough landing…

This picture of my Cub shows how the batter box and landing gear became detached from the plane… not to worry folks… it is an easy fix!

Back to the drawing board!


This is part of the soccer fields where I was flying… I used the parking lot as a landing strip. 


Went into visit the Kids, as Judy and Kristina went of shopping for a bunch of stuff, “baby related”.

I cut the front lawn for Chris while he was doing other yard work.

Took Cali back over to the dog park this afternoon for a good run…

She loves fetching a stick… and at this point in time… she was out of gas!


This is a picture of part of the dog park here in Woodstock… it is real big!  Wait till you see what is across the road from the dog park!

Dog Park

Purina Dog Chow… that’s what across the road from the dog park!  I am assuming that they also donated and built the dog park.


Aughhh yes, “Baby Related”…

New swing and bath…


Little baby won’t have to go around without any cloths… check out the “Toronto Maple Leaf’s” slippers on the left side…  love it!  My Daughter and her Husband of course are big Leaf Fans…


Till tomorrow…


  1. Hey Maverick,Seeing your pic of Purina jogged a memory of many time's I picked up thpet food there,all way's interesting.

  2. I would conclude that Purina built the dog park. Really interesting hobby you have. Glad your weather - as with ours - has warmed up.

  3. nice work on boosting the Canadian economy!!..the baby will be very well dressed!!!

  4. I wonder if the dogs who use the park know what's across the street?

    Glad you are going to be able to repair the plane damage. You must be going thru a whole lot of glue by now.