Friday, April 8, 2011

Too much fun in Tennessee…


Today was an easy day spent with the kids…  Jenn was home and made us up a great breakfast, while Shawn was off to the Hospital to play Dr. all day.

We soon got our act together and took Emmie and Paige over to the local gym where they like to play…


No, Paige does not have a twin sister…


Paige is teaching me how to walk the balance beam!


In the afternoon, Judy and I went out to do a bunch of shopping while the kids had a nap… the rest of the afternoon was playtime, till we all got work out…


Mom and Dad are out tonight with friends, while Judy and I babysit!   Going to have to get my old manual out to figure out a few things… good thing Judy is around…

Till tomorrow if we make it…


  1. Another terrific day with the 'Grands'! I think the manual probably says, when in doubt call "!!"

  2. Cute pictures of the grandkids. Yeah, I agree with Rick...grandmas always seem to know what to do LOL!!

  3. funny how kids don't come with directions but they do come with a 'no return' policy!...have fun with the 'girls!'

  4. It's clear that you are having and grand time. You can spoil them rotten then drive off with no regrets. Very nice indeed!