Friday, April 25, 2014

Back into Canada!

Have to admit, it always feels good to cross The Peace Bridge Between Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario and start seeing the red maple leaf again!

That is a file pic of the Bridge above...we crossed this morning in the sun!

We stayed last night on Bradford, PA. I got all excited when we saw the sign above...good old Tim Horton's! We didn't go, but we did stop today in Beamsville and had a coffee!

Check out our camp site from last night. Yup, we staed overnight at Walmart, as all the local campgrounds have not opened for the season! It was a real big Walmart...

We had people park right behind us in a truck and sleep the night. It got real cold last night...low 40's F. and there were 3 truckers sleeping in their rigs as well. We were toasty warm in our rig - it is well insulated.

Got all set up on our site for the summer, but it started to rain as soon as we arrived...

So that meant we had to go and visit Gwenny and Charlie of course!

Gwenny was all excited as Granny brought her a new Dora Sweater!

Charlie the big smuggler, wouldn't leave his Granny alone...just hung on!

Good to be back home!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Welcome Home John & Judy, hope to seeya in the near future. :)

  2. As much as we like the States it is always a good feeling getting back across the border into Canada & home again.

  3. welcome back to Canada! the land of Tim Hortons and expensive gas!

  4. I love that feeling of crossing the border and back into Canada. I enjoy our time in the US but there really is no place like home!!!!

  5. Camp Walmart, sure works for us on the road too.
    Back home and soon settled in for the summer, welcome back to Canada.

  6. Welcome home, John and Judy.

    It sure looks like Judy's hanging on to little Charley pretty tight too. I imagine you both were pretty happy to see Gwenny and him again.

  7. It is nice rolling back into Canada. FaceTime will truly be more often in person than with an iPad or computer. Welcome home.....