Monday, April 14, 2014

Goodbye Frostproof!

Time has come for our exit from Frostproof, and Rainbow Resort. We arrived here on Nov. 4th of last year, and loved every minute of our time here!

Tom and Cheryl had all things packed up by mid morning today, and hit the road...

They are going to do some more touring around St. Augustine area, while we will be heading up to Charlston, South Carolina.

Today we spent our time packing up our RV and Trailer. Took a couple hours to tie down the motorcycles and load all our gear, but it is now ready to go.

This afternoon we became prisoners to our RV. and the air conditioning. It was super hot here up in the 90's. Judy took the opportunity to do our income taxes... all filed, and what do you know! We get a refund!

Had a few comments about the drag races we were at on Sunday...

Just wanted to let Rick know that I was safe and secure noise wise underneath my noise cancelling head phones. These are a must at an event like the Drags. Too many people though, had no protection on... not a good idea!

Andy asked a question about one of my blogs from a week or so ago, about our Blue Tooth Communicators we use on our motorcycles. Could not answer your question as I do no have your email address Andy, however these two units hook up by blue tooth and allow us to talk back and forth to each other, up to about 600 feet apart. They work great! They are made by a Company called Cardo Systems Inc. You can hook up your MP3 player directly into them, or listen to the built in FM Radio. There are two earphones that you install inside your helmut, and a boom mike attached. They are rechargeable, and last about 10 hours on a charge. Hope this helps Andy.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wishing you safe travels on your return to Ontario.

  2. Safe travels home John and Judy. Glad to see you were wearing ear muffs at the drag races.

  3. Glad you are wearing you hearing protection.

    Hearing protection is a must. I trained hundreds of factory workers on the importance of proper hearing protection. After loosing my hearing due to noise exposure over the years.

    It does not even have to really loud, constant levels of of noise over 80 decibels, will eventually cause hearing loss.

  4. Safe travels. We look forward to reading about St. Augustine.

  5. Have a GREAT ride home, look forward ta cya'n when ya get back. Shiny side up & greasy side down! 10-4