Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guess who is on the way tonight???

We had a whole bunch of rain today, so that brought instant relief to our heat problems we have been faced with the past week or so now. Felt pretty good today with cooler temperatures, that is for sure.

Tom and I walked 4 1/2 miles this morning, and then decided with the heavy overcast skies, and rain looming, that we would take a road trip over to Auburndale. We wanted to go and check out the Harbour Frieght Store there, in case there was some kind of tool or guizmo that we could not live without! You never know.


This is a great store, that is all about tools. Tom picked up a few needed items, but I could not find anything that would enhance my life, so I kept my money in my pocket today!

Guess who will be visiting Emmie tonight? Your right, seems she needs the services of the good old "Tooth Fairy"... I am not sure what a front tooth is worth these days to the Tooth Fairy, but I would bet it is more than the .25 cents that I used to get! Good luck Emmie! Don't worry, you new tooth will grow in real soon!

Till tomorrow...



  1. How is your weightloss race coming along?

  2. That's a priceless picture. Look at those eyes.

  3. Great picture of Emmie - what a cutie! Looks like it's a Toonie Tooth Fairy to me, Grandpa!

  4. uh oh, Harbor Freight, a dangerous place to take most men.