Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yes, I want to SUPERSIZE!!!

Tom and I decided to walk today, even though we normally take Saturdays off... we didn't walk on Wednesday, so had to make up for it. While we were walking I was asking Tom what him and Cheryl were up to today, and he thought maybe a trip over to Tampa, to visit Lazydays RV was in order! Why not?

Usually when a business tells you they are really big... you go, ya, right... Well, this place is big. So big in fact, it is the LARGEST RV SUPERSTORE in the WORLD! Yup, pretty big, and I now believe it.

They have over 1,000 RV's for sale on the lot! They had a separate lot, with about 15 or 20 RV's and 5th wheels and trailers on it, and we were told they were the units that were scheduled for delivery TODAY! have to be kidding!

Tom and Cheryl were eyeing up this beauty above... didn't have enough slides for me...

People come from all over the world to buy RV's here, and they ship your RV overseas to you if necessary! If you are a Canadian and buy a RV, they take care of all the paper work associated with getting it back into Canada, and will drive the RV up to Georgia to deliver it to you. Why???? Because then, you do not have to pay the 6.5 % State of Florida Sales Tax on it. Who knew???


There are a number of rows of RV's in for repair and warranty work, like you see above... They will do anything to an RV for you to keep you happy. They have a 300 site campground here on site, and you can stay for about 40 bucks a night, and it includes your breakfast, and your lunch!

They have a full service restaurant on site, where we had a great lasagne lunch today for 7 bucks... We took a tour with one of the sales people to look at a few rigs, and they take you out in a golf cart, as the grounds are 146 acres. They have a fleet of golf carts available. There is a large store that has everything RV in just never seems to end here. They have a private club for all the Tiffin owners, who get to come and eat and swim free anytime here.

You have to see this place to believe it... enjoyed our big tour of this facility!

Till tomorrow...



  1. These place are really amazing, but not for us, $40 . a night? Not our style though.
    Glad your had a nice tour.

  2. I've read about LazyDays...and always was curious about how large it was. Now I know!

  3. That RV planter is adorable.

    Our 5er originated at LazyDays. We one day will visit its first home.

  4. If u r serious about a new or upgrade, it is great. U will have a lot to pick from. While we were out looking at a few three more came in and we bought one of those. They r sensitive to your buying style. I can't stand pressure the sales lady backed off and gave us space to talk about it in private. We will definatey go there again some day.