Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whew... the heat is kicking in...

Wow... the sun can sure come to life in Florida... it was a real warm one today. I could tell as soon as Tom and I started walking at 7:30 it was going to be hot. Did not get the official, but it had to be into the 90's by mid afternoon today.

After walking I spent a bunch of the morning working on RV maintenance. Did a bunch of cleaning, and some spot waxing on the rig today before the high temperatures took over. Cleaned out a few of our RV bins, getting ready to travel soon. Not hard to put in the morning doing lots of different little things it seems. Judy was busy doing a bunch of computer stuff, making reservations etc... and then took on the laundry job.

After lunch I had a bunch of plans to continue working on the RV.... however, the sun took over, and I lost a bunch of energy, and ended up stoping work. You have to know when to quit sometimes!

This afternoon Judy took out her bowed psaltery to provide some entertainment. If you look at the picture above, I am holding her iPad mini, which is actually tuning the instrument. A great free App that Judy downloaded allows her to tune the many strings to perfection! It is also very quickly done. The sound is perfect after the tuning is complete and Judy practiced for over an hour this afternoon, before we headed down to Tom and Cheryl's for happy hour.

Tomorrow we are off on a alligator hunting safari with our kayaks again... maybe we will get one this time.

I hate to mention how my Wife got me good this morning, explaining it is alligator mating season, and that Fred, our local resident alligator was supposedly on the run through the Resort looking for action! Took me a bit to realize it was April 1st... she might have got Kristina and Gwenny with close to the same gag on Facetime it seems...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Being retired, I always try me best to not work after 12 noon. It just doesn't seem right.

    I still can't believe you are going into water in a kayak where there are gators! Make sure Judy has the camera as I want to see this.

  2. First thing in the morning I got a text from you saying there was an alligator on your lot. Of course I called you on face time immediately. Gwenny saw Grannyand asked "where alligator?" At which point your iPad was brought outside to the tune of " let's see if he's still around..." She had us staring at a patch of grass saying "you see him??"
    "That's cause it's April 1st!!"
    To which I burst out laughing while Gwenny continued to ask "where alligator?"

  3. JUst like Rick I like to get everything done by noon, so the after noon is free for important stuff, like reading, happy hours and cooking on my Weber Q.

  4. Good old April fool pranks. Good on you Judy!