Monday, April 7, 2014

OK... it is getting crazy here...

I know that when I arrived in Florida last November, I tried to bribe the Lady at the Welcome Centre to get extra hot weather, but this is crazy!

It hit 93 degrees F. here today, with very high humidity... you just did not feel like doing anything...

Tom and I walked 4 1/2 miles starting at 7:30 this morning, and by the time we had finished I thought we were swimming looking at my shirt! Crazy. Did I stop there???? NO!

I went back to our RV and waxed on and waxed off 1/2 of one side that I had left to do from before! Did I stop there.... NO! After lunch, Judy and Cheryl went to do some shopping, so I serviced our in house batteries again. Wanted to check them again, prior to leaving here next week. All is fine with them, and I made sure they were mounted properly so not to give me problems on the way home. All is good!

This afternoon we simply took life easy... way to hot to do anything... Cheryl found the energy to cook up a turkey dinner, and I had the duty to show up and eat a bunch of it, which I had no problem doing! Finished it off with Strawberries and Ice Cream! Thanks Cheryl!

Till tomorrow...




  1. OK....that is way too hot for anyone.....and humidity onntop of that is stifling. .

  2. We don't mind 93f but not the humidity. Save up some of that heat and take back home with you.

  3.'re breaking my heart here John with your stories of sunshine and hot weather.

    Even though I'm sitting here in my nice comfy new office chair, I'm looking out the window at cool, grey skies with not a Palm Tree in sight.