Sunday, April 27, 2014

Of course there is "sun" on "Sunday"...

Turned out real nice here today, lots of sun, and while not near as hot as Florida was, it got comfortable outside. We continued to do a bit of outside work today, we set up our bistro table for our Patio, I got the Weber 200 set up on it's stand and even cooked some nice sausage for dinner tonight. Judy got ambitious and raked up our lot that we stay on...looking good!

Last night it was pretty cool here... to the point where when I got up this morning I was cold! Over the past years we have lived in our RV, we have simply used our RV Furnace to keep warm, with an electric heater as an assistant to the furnace. When I looked at the temperatures expected here for the next week, with four days of rain, I figured something different had to be done. All you RV'ers out there know that the RV Furnace is far from efficient! They simply suck propane in a big way, and while they do warm up the RV, they are also very noisy when operating. Electric heaters work OK, but the problem with them is the cost of the power to run them, and you can only use about a 1500 watt heater without blowing every fuse there is in the RV Park.

Today all that changed. I have listened to George at "Our Awesome Travels" who rants about his propane heater, almost as much as his Weber Q! I am not sure which he likes the most... I went into Canadian Tire today and came home with our new Buddy "Mr. Heater".

This is the unit I purchased today... the Mr. Heater Model MH9BX. It sells at CTC for $119.00. This unit will pump out 4,000 BTU's in Low mode and a whopping 9,000 BTU's when you turn it to Hi and let it all hang out! It is meant to be portable and you can use the 1 Lb which will burn for up to 6 hours on low heat. You also have the option of adding a hose adapter which will connect to a regular 20 lb propane tank. This tank of course will last for quite a while when full. I purchased a 10 foot extension line which enabled me to install the heater inside the RV and run the line out through our floor, through one of our storage bins, and then hook up to the Propane Tank located outside the RV. Perfect set up!

What a difference this little heater makes! In no time you are toasty warm, even if it is real cold and wet out! This unit will make a difference, and is very easy to use.

Judy brought back some new outfits for the kids from Florida with her, and Kristina had Gwenny and Charlie all dressed up today to head out to Church this morning.

Gwenny looked very daper in her new outfit!

Not to be outdone by his sister, Charlie had his new suit on, which included a matching tie for his lavender shirt. They were the talk of the Town apparently at Church.

Charlie also figured out how to climb up the stairs to come down the toy slide! He is a little wild doing this, and still needs a bit of Mom's help, but he loves doing this!

Till tomorrow..



  1. Yes we do love our Mr Heater just make sure that you leave a window open!
    We leave our Kitchen window over the sink about 1 inch , don't want use up all the carbon monoxide in our rv.
    Plus we do not use it at night when we sleep.
    Love it but love our Weber Q more.
    Ours is hooked up the the large propane tank on our coach, same as our Weber Q. Sure is efficient and quiet.
    Thanks for the shout!

  2. Hopefully, the Mr. Heater will only be needed in the short term before the true spring weather arrives in your area.

    Nice outfits for the grand kids.....!

  3. Hopefully you won't have to use Mr. Heater too much.

    Gwenny and Charlie look pretty dapper in their new outfits alright!

  4. I see that it's still cold there. And you're right; the other methods of heating up the RV are either noisy or inefficient, and could even lead to breakdowns. Using Mr. Heater could avoid all of that, and at the same time save you money. Of course, not using it as the weather heats up could help too. Happy RV-ing!
    Greg Ward @