Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Family news tonight...

Our Son, Shawn, made this announcement tonight on his Facebook Page...

"Signing Day! Officially going to be the next Assistant Professor of Neonatology at James H. Quillan College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University. Exciting opportunity!"

To say the least it will be an exciting opportunity for him and his Family. This means he has finished his Fellowship in Ottawa, and has now accepted a full time position as a Neonatologist in Johnson City, Tennessee. He will start work at the Hospital around July 1st. this year. This has been in the works for a while now, but is now official, as all the iiiiiii's have been dotted and all the ttttttttttt's have been crossed! Shawn and Jenn have made a couple trips down to Johnson City and in fact have already made arrangements to buy a home. Lots in the works for them, that is for sure!

Today was nice and sunny, but not real warm according to my scale of what good temperatures should be... we made a quick visit to see the kids this morning, and Judy sold a stroller on Kijiji in about 10 hours! We bought this stroller in Florida to use when the kids came to visit, and have now sold it at a profit! Bonus!

This afternoon Judy and I joined the Cowan Park Indoor Soccer Facility in Woodstock! No, we are not going to play soccer, but they do have a terrific elevated walking track in a climate controlled enviorment.

This is a great indoor/outdoor soccer facility, and can accomodate lots of kids of all ages, and is all brand new.

These are file pictures of the facility I took off their website, as I forgot to take pictures when I was there... we walked for one hour today, and I completed 36 laps of the track, which is 5 miles worth. I enjoyed walking so much in Florida this past winter, I wanted to continue, and this facility will help. Not too bad price wise, $160.00 for both of us for a 6 month membership.

Our Park Owner Ron, has been busy this spring, as I walked around the park today and checked things out. Lots of digging going on as he replaces some of the services to the upper area of sites in the Park. Will have to get going, as the campers will soon start coming!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Congratulations to Shawn. such and exciting opportunity.
    Hope everything works out for them, they deserve it.

  2. Congrats to Shawn and family! One smart cookie!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Dr. Shawn. Congrats to him and the family.

  4. Congrats to Professor Shawn! Sounds like a terrific position and I'm sure it will work out perfect for him and his family.

  5. Congrats to your son! quite the career accomplishment!!!

  6. Wow, what an awesome honor. Please pass along our congratulations to Shawn!

  7. What a nice story about Shawn and his family. He deserves all the accolades. It seems the new positions in Tennessee will reward him for all of his hard work. Congratulations.