Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yeah, they want you back bad!!!!

At the beginning of this season, our Resort we are staying at was actually sold to Sun RV Resorts. They took over in the fall of last year, and as far as Judy and I are concerned, they have done a pretty good job! A lot of people here of course cannot accept change, and some are moving out, as they do not like the way things are being done of course! This always seems to happen in RV Resorts.

We have enjoyed this Resort this winter, and I far as I am concerned, it is the best Resort we have stayed at over our 5 years on the Road! There is a statement for you! This place has everything I want, including a great pull through site, that they allow us to park everything we own on! That means a lot to me.

Sun RV Resorts put out a spring policy to bring clients back next year. For us, they offered us a preferred reservation of $125.00 for next year, and if we cancel within 30 days of our arrivial next fall, we get all our money back. Great deal.

The majority of the lots here are back ins... so what they have offered those people, is if they commit for the next 2 years to come, they will extend out the cement work on your site, plus give you a 10 X 10 foot shed! What a deal! Many people are taking the Resort up on this offer. We cannot get a shed on our pull through lot, but we simply use our enclosed trailer as our shed, and garage for our motorcycles. In the picture above, they dug out where the new concrete will be poured, plus in the background, to the left of the bobcat, they will pour a pad for the new shed on this site. You can also get power to your shed, so you can place a refrigerator inside! Many do.

We are still not sure if we will return next year or not... time will tell.

We took life easier today... Judy was working on our income tax, while I changed the oil on her Suzuki Burgman for her. Above I also took the back off of her mufler, as it was rattling, and needed adjusting. All is good now, ready to take our last trip of this season tomorrow, over to the Gulf of Mexico. Nice to have our trailer to act as a garage when it is time to perform maintenance to our machines.

Flowergirl left a comment last night asking about how our biggest looser contest worked out... sorry I do not have an email for you, but if you refer to my Blog of Feb. 16th, called "And the winner is...", you will find who took home the big prize!

Till tomorrow...



  1. They definitely want you back. It is hard to accept change when you get all settled in with the way things were. And that is why it is nice to have wheels. It is easier for us to move on.

  2. True! If things aren't as we like, move on down the road. But sounds like you might have a deal there.

  3. Sounds like a good deal to return if thats where you want to be, we are not quite ready to settle down yet.

  4. With so many people going to Florida for the winter, I am really surprised they offer any incentives at all. We don't like to make commitments a year in advance. Too much can change.

  5. At least the new owners are making an effort to entice folks back. That's a lot more than many of them ever do.

    Enjoy that bike ride to the Gulf Coast.

    p.s. did the Tooth Fairy visit Emmie?