Friday, April 4, 2014

The heat is on...

Wow... yes, the heat is on here in Florida! Judy andd I spent the day out with our Motorcycle Riding Club out of Sebring, Florida, and took on a cruise this afternoon to Arcadia, Florida.

I did not even take one picture today on the ride... I don't know what got into me! This is a file picture of Arcadia above... we had lunch today at the Reef and Beef Restaurant, which had a great buffet! No one went home hungry. We had 21 motorcycles on the ride today!

So, the heat is also on my Toronto Maple Leafs! What a team... hard to believe they can go into such a tail spin at the end of the year, as the playoffs approach... Now they are desperate, and of course are starting to win again, with a big overtime win over Boston last night. Only 4 games left for them this year, and believe it or not, could still make the playoffs!

All my hope came back to me today, when I received this picture from my Daughter!

Wow... what a sweater Charlie has! Yes, I think they can do it! Just have to get Charlie working on getting rid of some snow up in Ontario before we head for the hills!

Till tomorrow...



  1. 21 motorcycles, that sure would have been a fun ride.

  2. Love the photo of Charley and those big blue eyes to match his Maple Leaf Jersey. He's like our Mason - everything he picks up goes straight into his mouth!!

  3. Speaking of tail spin, you need only follow ( or not) the Vancouver Canucks!

    Nice ride no doubt!!!!