Friday, April 18, 2014

On the road again...

Hit the road bright and early this morning, 8:30! Headed north up Highway 95 with Washington in our sights!

We ended up tonight in Enfield, North Carolina, about 1/2 way up to Washington... and no, I did not take the pictures of the bears above! We are at a nice rural KOA tonight though, about 1 mile off of the 95 so no noise from a very busy highway. Bonus!

The Highway was real busy today, as a lot of people are on Easter Week Vacations... lots of kids tonight playing at this KOA, as it is a prime Family time out kamping.

We did stop by the Biggest "South of the Border Store" ever, in South Carolina this afternoon... crazy big selling anything you can imangine. You could see the huge sign above, at quite a distance.


You could climb up the Sombrero Tower above... about 300 feet I figured... no, we didn't...

That is Pedro above... the main man at South of the Border. What a spot, you have to visit it to believe it.

We are all settled into our KOA, and for the first time ever, I managed to get 32 channels off of our RV Antenna mounted up on the roof. It actually works!

Off to Washington, D.C. tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Egads, you through me for a loop. When I read you were headed for Washington, I thought...what? I didn't even think of DC. Thanks for letting me lose my mind for a minute.

  2. You are driving hard to avoid the rains that plaguing that area. The RBC Golf Tournament in Hilton Hea, SC was rained out today.

    Wishing you a good drive to DC tomorrow.

  3. I had the same thought as the Weavers - Washington? On the other side of the country? DC makes a lot more sense. I'm going to enjoy your posts from there because I worked there for 15 years. Right down town on Pennsylvania.

  4. Enjoy your time there and watch out for the Easter weekend traffic.

  5. Hope you have a nice visit with the Prez when you get to Washington! I'm sure he's heard about your pending arrival.

    Looks like a fun KOA!