Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gator hunting in Myakka State Park...

We probably picked the best day of them all to go over to Myakka State Park with the kayaks. It is the largest State Park in Florida, and is a great place to Gator hunt!

Tom and I are getting on all our Gator hunting gear...


I am in fine form above... gotta find me a Gator!

Right away I thought I had a gator in my sights... but no it was a bird... oh well.

Seems like there were a lot of water birds out and about today... what a great spot!

We had all our ducks lined up, as we headed south along the river... it was like going through a jungle...

Close, but again... no gator! There were a pile of turtles we ran into along our trip, and this to me was a good sign, because Gators love turtle soup!

Darn... another bird keeping an eye on us from high above...

What the....??????.... don't worry folks... just a perscribed burn being completed in the Park today... we have run into these before here in Florida. Prevents major fires from cropping up!



YIKES... augh, not to worry, only looks like a 12 footer... we don't worry about them until they are a least 15 feet big!

Augh... look, a baby alligator, isn't that sweet... don't worry, mamma can't be too far off!

Hey, there is Judy sneaking up on mommy! It is a funny thing with gators, they are actually afraid of us, and if you end up getting a little too close, they just swim into the water and sink to the bottom of the river. There are hundreds of gators in this Park, and they have not ever had a problems with Gators going after the humans...

OK, so now that is about a 20 footer above... you don't really want to get him mad!

They offer air boat rides inside the park... the lake is not very deep, so airboats can go in very shallow waters.

This is the restaurant and gift shop above, after we finished our 7.7 miles kayak ride, yes, that is right, 7.7 miles, we all enjoyed an ice cream sitting out on the deck.

They built this real neat tower, and tree top trail in the park. They tower was 76 feet up in the air... got a great view of the park from the top.

We had a great day, enjoyed it all, and when we got back home, we had the cranes over for a visit this afternoon!

We got to finish off the day with a nice call on Facetime, from Paige, and her Dad. Paige was showing us her latest dance moves, and all of her stuffed animals that can sing and dance!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Methinks Paige is a bit of a ham. She's a cutie.

  2. Hey, I am told that gator tastes like chicken. You did not snag one?

    I kind of prefer to leave them be....all alone....and far away from me.

  3. No way! Absolutely no way would I get in a little kayak with those beasts lurking beneath the surface. Gator bait - that's what you were.

    Cute pics of Paige.

  4. I loved kayaking with gators on the shore nearby, but they never plopped into the water beneath us, either. Myakka was a place we wanted to see and missed, so I really enjoyed your photos and your story.

  5. That was a fun day you had, and love gator tastes pretty good, had some in N'alins.