Thursday, April 10, 2014

Time to Ride!

With time in Florida ticking away... our fearless leader Mark, decided it was time for one last big motorcycle ride over to Clearwater Beach today, for our Rainbow Motorcycle Club. We had 8 machines on the road at 9:00 this morning...

Judy was all set to ride above... check out the sky, it looked like that all day!

We stopped for lunch over near Bradenton... if you look at the side of Judy's helmet you will see her half of our blue tooth communicators that work real good.

We hit a bit of traffic above as we got near the Clearwater area. We made a couple pit stops for gas and just resting on the way over... about a 100 miles over to Clearwater.

Clearwater Beech was chosen, as they were having a big Festival going on, including a huge sand castle competition. It is amazing what they can do with sand! The big tent you see above was full of sand sculptures... and I will just post a bunch of them... you may know a lot of these figures.... they were all good!

As you can see, there were many, and all pretty well done! We enjoyed going through and looking at them all.

We did take a few minutes to check out the beach and the pier... there were lots of people at the beach today.

I was taking the above picture, when the sea gull flew right in front of my iPhone...

We did take the Tampa Skyway Bridge on Hwy. 275 today... what a view from this bridge as you cross! You are charged $1.25 to cross this one!

We made it back to the RV, after 8:00. It was a terrific day finished off with a nice dinner at the 4 Seasons Restaurant, just down the road from our Resort.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Blue tooth communicators look very neat. How do they work, do you need a ear bud from your phone underneath the helmet. I see Judy has a boom mic, is that required as well? When I google the communicator, it says not necessary

  2. The blue tooth communicators look very neat. How do they work? Do you need an ear bud attached to your cell phone underneath your helmet? I see Judy has a boom mic, I googled uclear, and it says not necessary?

  3. Great last group ride. Those sand sculptures are top class.

  4. Another fun day touring on your Motorcycles. Soon you be heading north.

  5. Pretty amazing sand sculptures and that was quite the crowded beach too.