Saturday, April 26, 2014

Set up day,,,

Man, what happened to our nice Florida temperatures....we are down in the low 40's here F. and it does not feel good, as it was raining this morning!


We got the beast set up on our lot yesterday afternoon, as you can see above, I set up our Shaw Direct Dish, as Hockey Playoffs are on you know!


Chris came out this afternoon and helped us move it to our lot...using some muscles we didn't know we had!

We have a bit of a mess on our site this year, as Ron, Park Owner, had to dig up our site to replace a broken buried drainage tile. He dropped this load of topsoil above to finish the job off.

I spent about an hour on the business end of a shovel and rake, and got it cleaned up above in the pic. Ron came buy with a big ole bag of grass seed, so should be cutting grass on Mondayafternoon.

We got to watch Charlie take 3 big steps today! What a kid! He is kind of like a bull in a china shop...runs through anything, no fear at all!

Shawn and Jenn and the kids were in Dominican this week and I received this pic above! Looks to me like it was pretty warm!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Not a very nice day to set up camp, but you got er done. It will warm up soon right?

  2. Glad to see you had to work as soon as you set foot on your site - welcome to the 'back home' club!

    Great to see Charlie starting to walk, that's always fun. He does look like a pretty solid little guy.

    The granddaughters always look so cute and happy.

  3. You did some yard work alright. Good the digging occurred before your return. Now you need some heat and sun to grow some grass.

    Welcome back....!