Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Day! Washington, Day 1

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Easter Day and Weekend! I found the Easter Bunny today in Downtown Washington of all places... don't believe me, check it out below...

On roller blades no less...

Weather turned out very good for doing a tour, so off we went early this morning. We decided to take the Old Town Trolley in Washington... we have used this Company before in St. Augustine, and San Diego.

This is a great way to tour Washington, as you can hop on and off at any time. We took all day and did all three trolley routes.

We walked right by the J. Edgar Hoover Building to get to the trolley, and had to make sure we were good!

...because we did not want to get arrested by the FBI Police... who ever heard of them??? Washington has to be the safest place in America, as there is about a million different types of Police.

It is impessive to see Capitol Hill looming in the distance as you travel along famous Pennsylvania Avenue...

Above is the National Archives Building... I want to come back here and go in... you can see the Declaration of Independence and many other famous documents.

Oh ya, found this pic above of the Washington Metro System. We took it downtown from our Resort as it is cheap, and fast, and you don't have to worry about a car to park!

Above is the National Cathedral. We really enjoyed touring this Church today on Easter Sunday. We could not get in for the Easter Service as you needed a ticket. It will hold well over a thousand people. Inside it is incredible.

We were lucky enough to hear this Choir at practice... along with the incredible pipe organ! Amazing!

The main Altar of the Cathedral.

Above is the main entrance to Arlington Cemetry, another amazing site to visit.

Over 4,000 graves and growing...

The Officer above is guarding the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier. We got to watch the changing of the Guard. Very impressive.

The first large black stone is the marker for President Kennedy, and the one past his, would be Jackie's. That is an eternal flame right above the markers to the left in the picture.

Brother, Robert Kennedy, has a much more modest grave site, just past his Brother.

This Gentleman, with the fuzzy hat, was at the changing of the Guard, but we had no idea of who he was, or why he was there... Judy liked his fuzzy hat so took his picture.

Check out the Canadian Flags atop this building. Of course, it is the Canadian Embassy, which is right on Pennsylvania Ave. between the White House and Capitol Hill, the only Embassy allowed to be in this location, to show how important the Canadians are in relationship to the Americans.

I took the two above pictures of Capitol Hill. What a sight. Hopefully we will get a closer look this week.

Probably my favourite picture of the day, is looking at the Washington Monument, taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Monument in honour of President Washington, is called a Monument as it was built when Washington was still alive.

Speaking of the Lincoln Memorial... what an impressive building!

Overall, just a very impressive day. We had a good overall view of the layout, and now will check out different places that we want to visit. Phew....

Till tomorrow...


  1. Were you able to get transportation from campground we have considered going to Washington but didn't want to drive in traffic. Can you take more pictures and give mote info on campground. Thanks

  2. So many impressive sights to see there thanks for the tour.

  3. Looks like a great first day. I love DC.

  4. Fantastic. Amazing. Great photos.

    Thanks for the wonderful tour of all the site I've seen so often on TV, documentaries and movies.

    Now, I want to tour Washington myself as it's right at the top of my list of American cities I want to visit some day.

  5. Nice photo tour of Washington, DC. It is a city we have not had the opportunity to visit....but, maybe someday.