Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who drives 700 klicks in a day????

Whew... what a day on the road!

From Frostproof, Florida, up to Charleston, South Carolinia, it is 700 kilometers! We did it today... and half of it was in the rain even...good thing I had just bought new windshield wipers for the MH.

Our site is on grass tonight, a far cry from our nice concrete pad at Frostproof. Not a bad park, very quiet so sleep will be good.

Ya, the pool is actually warm, and open! It is quite a bit cooler up here in SC than down in Florida.

Our greating party was the Ducks Family today... Mom and Dad a a whole bunch of kids, walked right up onto our site...


Not sure, but the Duck kind of looks like a turkey to me... except for the web feet... weird.

We will be here for 3 nights, as we take time to tour Charleston. Have never been here. Looking forward to it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Maybe turducks? Or durkeies?

  2. Methinks they're Muscovy Ducks.
    Sleep tight.

  3. Muscovy Ducks, we have seen lots of them in Louisiana. That sure is a long travel day in the RV.
    Relax there and enjoy.

  4. That was a pretty long day of driving. Good thing you're taking 3 or 4 days to tour Charleston.

    Maybe you might want to stay longer as it's snowing in Ontario!!