Thursday, April 17, 2014

Touring Charleston...

Big improvement in the weather department today, that is for sure, as we had lots of sun, and up in the 70's so it was kind of nice.

Judy was in her glory this morning, as we came across a K Mart Store that was going out of business and were almost giving stuff away today... filled the Jeep up!

We headed downtown Charleston, and ended up walking all along "The Battery". This is an area along the waterfront, that was used to hold cannons to ward off who ever might be coming to get you!

As you can see, there are real nice homes and apartments along The Battery, but they are real expensive... you will have to spend in the millions to hang out here.

We walked downtown to the Market... it has been here a LONG time... everything here is OLD!

The Market is big, and was full of people. Everyone is here for Easter Holidays.

On the building above, you see four black round earthquake bolts. They use these bolts to straighten out the building after an earthquake believe it or not! A lot of the buildings here have them... fault line is close.

Above is the very famous Rainbow Row of homes... very popular, and pictures of this all over the place.

Many horse drawn carriage rides go on here... not to worry, the horses wear diapers!


It is a ruff ride down the cobble stone roads in the downtown...the stones were left here by various ships, that used them as ballast on the way across the big pond!

South Carolina of course, had Slavery, and you could buy a Slave at this building downtown.

St. Michaels Church above... one of about 110 in Charleston, and the oldest. Very famous spot though...


Two very famous people came here to worship...


Judy is sitting in Pew #43.

On May 8, 1791, President George Washington attended the Sunday afternoon Service, and sat in pew 43.

Now, 70 years later, General Robert E. Lee also took in a Sunday Service sitting in pew 43, which was known as The Governor's Pew. Tons of history in this Church. We looked in the Cemetery, and many gravestones dated back into the 1700's...amazing!

Hard to tell in the picture above, but the balcony roof is painted pale blue in colour... this is common, to make many bugs and insects think that it is the sky, therefore, they do not nest on the roof of the balcony...

One of the 3 bridges that cross the rivers that protect Charleston... built in 2005, and they want it to last 100 years... it should! We were on a nice peir below the bridge here... they love fishing here!

On the road tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Lots of history in Charleston for sure - great pics.

  2. We're enjoying your tour of Charleston. Lovely old city.

  3. Lots of interesting history there in Charleston, enjoy you time there before heading home.

  4. We would love to see this city. We don't know much about the American South. Thank you for our tour!

  5. Love this place ! My daughter is actually going to The Citadel in the fall of 2014 we are moving there. Such a great place. Great blog!