Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time for the Annual "Mailman's Lunch"...

When you up, and roll your house down to Florida for 6 months, you can accumulate a bunch of mail back home! To help out with this problem, we enlisted the help of our Daughter, Kristina to be our Mail-person!

To keep this valued employee happy, we take her out to lunch every spring, and today, she managed to bring a couple of her Assistant Mail-persons with her... Gwenny and Charlie! We made our way over to Dean Michael's Restaurant in Woodstock... probably Kristina's favourite Restaurant in Woodstock. They excell at Breakfast and Lunch, and do not do Dinner at all... they close for Dinner.


Gwenny ordered the "Doghouse..." which was her favourite food, French Toast, made up to look like a doghouse. I could not believe how much Gwenny ate! She did a good job. Her job on the mail, is to keep out of Mom's way... lol....

They have a big fish tank inside the restaurant, and Gwenny spent 10 minutes looking at the gold fish! She loved them... so did Charlie.

Anyhow... thanks for all your help on the mail this winter Kristina... your assistance is appreciated!

Earlier this morning, Kristina needed some time out of the house, so Judy and I were the designated baby sitters. We made our way over to Woodstock's Early Years Program, that allows parents to bring their young children in and play with each other, and a bunch of neat toys.

Charlie loved this house, and played hide and seek with Judy by closing the shutters.

Gwenny is inside a fire engine... it is like a tent structure looking on the outside like a fire truck.

Charlie made his way inside as well... he had a ball! This is a good program, and probably around 12 to 15 youngs kids out today.

The rest of the day was spent watching the rain fall... and lots more yet to come!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We have been enjoying the rainfall, not too cold and some great time to relax inside.

  2. nice treat for your 'mail person'!!

  3. That's a pretty healthy looking breakfast Gwenny picked. Not sure if they had enough fried potatoes though!!!!

    The play center for kids is a great idea. Sure looks like fun for them.

    Having a good 'mailman' is a good thing when you're away for so long.

  4. Good idea to look after your favoured mail person and her assistants. Lunch out seems like a pretty good deal for all concerned.