Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iconic pictures of Gravenhurst!

Had to go to a Heart and Stroke Golf Tournament meeting this morning, but had a hour to walk around Gravenhurst a bit and decided to play with the new camera. Wanted to get some pics of the area as we will be away for 6 months and might want to show off Gravenhurst to people that we meet along the way. What better picture to start with than our new "Arch". I really like it, however there are critics out there as there always seems to be. I think it defines Gravenhurst as the Gateway to Muskoka, and even though it cost over a couple hundred thousand, it is worth it.

There is no other way to define our Town other than by our Steamships! Here is a picture of the Wenonah and the Segwun. This picture is from the view of the Muskoka Wharf. The first boat in this picture is the Segwun.

This next shot, Kristina will reconize as a shot from "Lookout Point". A park in Gravenhurst that overlooks the Wharf area. This ship belonged to Mrs. Timothy Eaton who donated it to the Steamship Society. It has been totally rebuilt in the past couple of years. You can rent this boat to take you and your party around Lake Muskoka.

This is a picture of the boats from Lookout Point.

This is "The Barge" where they have great music concerts all summer long in "Rotary Gull Lake Park" . Our Rotary Club spent a bunch of money re-furbishing this in the past year. It is a real neat spot.

Decided to get some nice pictures of some leaves while I was out...
This picture is out on the Gravenhurst Parkway on the way to Prison.... at least the prisoneers get a nice view before they get locked up....bad boys, bad boys....
This picture is also along the parkway...

This is a picture of the Rotary Picnic shelter we installed at Rotary Gull Lake Park.Another view down at Gull Lake Park.

Last night I went to play some cards (a bit of poker...) at Jim Crooks house in the old haunt of Fairview. I had a real good night with lots of laughs. A real good bunch of guys, and I think they were all kind to me last night as I seemed to win my share! They wanted to make sure we had enough money to buy diesel fuel to get to Arizona. Thanks for a great night Jim! I enjoyed.
Went to the Dr. today for a final check up before heading out, and he said I should be good for the next 100,000 miles :-)) Good to go! He said retirement is treating me good as my blood pressure was 124 over 80! Told me not to relax too much!
I have rambled enough for today....

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