Saturday, October 24, 2009

We are officially on the way! Day 1 and 2.

Friday morning saw us on the road at 8:30 a.m. As we drove out of the Gravenhurst KOA we both let go with a big "YIPEE". 2 years of dreams were finally a reality for us! We are on our way to the deep south.

Got down to Orillia and Judy went for a test at the Hospital while the Kitties and I sat in a parking lot with the big rig and trailer, and read the maintenance section of the owners manual for the Motor Home. Lots of good stuff in there.

Judy was only a few minutes and we were on our way, well, up the Orillia RBC Branch to make a deposit and get a Timmies of course. From there we headed down Hwy. 11 and ran into rain of course. Took Hwy 27 down to Cookstown to avoid some bad winds on Hwy. 11. Made it to the Morrison Farm, our first camping spot of the trip by early afternoon. Here is the only picture I really have of the first 2 days.... We have been too busy to stop and smell any roses, or take pictures.

This is the prime parking spot at the Morrison Farm, and as you can see, they are putting new barn boards up on the main barn. Always something on the go here!
We had a great visit with John and Pat. Made some plans for them to get down to Arizona this winter, and went out for a nice dinner at Crabby Joes in Allsiton. Then we went to the Alliston Hornet's Hockey Game. John is the Team President. Good game, Alliston beat Erin, lots of banging and crashing.
After we got back to the RV, we had John and Pat, and Emily in for a bit of Wii. We all had a blast bowling and playing tennis in the RV. Emily really got into Wii Fit.
Up early this morning (Saturday) and had a nice breakfast and then it was time to hit the road. We made a cross country trip to Woodstock with time for lunch in a real nice factory parking lot in Cambridge. I was busy driving the big wheels, and Judy was playing techno wiz on the cell phone with a bunch of text messages.
Made it to Casey's RV park in Ingersol around mid afternoon and had time to set up the satelite internet, and the starchoice TV.
Kristina and Chris came out and picked us up and made the 15 min. drive to thier house for a great dinner, and also checked out the new fireplace.
We all then decided the best thing to do was go back to the RV after dinner and catch the Leaf game. Well, they lost again, but, hey it is a re-building year.
Should be here for a week, and the weather does not look too bad for the next week before we cross the border.
Judy has gone to bed, and I am on my way!
Going to get up early tomorrow and go to Church with Kristina and Chris, I think Judy said Kristina is singing tomorrow at Church!
It has been a busy 2 days to start off, but we are lovin it!

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