Monday, October 19, 2009

We are getting closer!

Weather was beautiful today, sunny and warm for a change. Spent a busy day yesterday, driving 4 students to Ottawa to attend the Adventures Program and Conference. The Rotary Club rented a mini-van for us to takes them with all their luggage. We had quite a load. Looks like a great conference agenda for the kids. I almost wanted to stay myself and attend!

After we returned the Van to Sander's this morning, Judy and I attended the Rotary Meeting. They had a great lunch today and a very busy agenda. This will be my last Rotary Meeting for the next six months, and certainly will miss all my friends Rotary!

This afternoon Judy and I worked on getting ready to leave this weekend. I got the bikes all tied down in the trailer and sorted out a bunch of stuff in the trailer. Next I had to replace the dead bolt lock on our side door of the RV. The old one broke. Still have to do a bit of work on the new one, however that will have to wait till I get to Chris and Kristina's house, as I need some special tools that I just happen to know will be there as I used to own some of them....

We have a problem with our generator that we discovered last week, and had to order a couple small parts for it. I have made arrangements to have them installed while we are in the Woodstock area. We want this working as you never know when you need the "POWER"...

This Friday is our big "Kick Off Day" We will leave early in the morning and stop in Orillia so Judy can attend a Medical Test...(Routine...) From there we will head down to Alliston and stay with the Morrisons on Friday night. Hopefully we can make some plans with them for when they come down to Arizona. Yipee!

Saturday morning we will be leaving for Woodstock and we have a campground lined up just outside of Woodstock at Ingersol. We will spend time vising Kristina and Chris. Also going to have dinner one night with Deb and Gerard. Deb is also going to retire at this end of this month if I am not mistaken. They plan on coming to Arizona in March, looking forward to it.

Still more to do this week before we get to leave on Friday... making sure everything is stored properly is a big job.

That is it for now... just watching a bit of TV tonight and reading some blogs.

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