Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Getting Ready to go....and The Leaf's Play....

Been a little negligent putting up posts on the blog lately, still getting ready to go south.

On Tuesday I was at Rocky Island Tire first thing in the morning with the rig to get a new front tire put on that finally came in. It was on order for over a month. That is all finished, and yes, a bit expensive, $500.00 out the door. This was to replace a tire we cut on the trip to Lake George, New York, earlier this summer.

Today was a busy day, with heading up to Bracebridge to rent a machine to clean the RV rugs. Man did it work good. Rugs are nice and clean, it worked so well I decided to do the car a well today. The cats did not think too much of having wet rugs when I was finished, kind of walked around funny for while. Worth it for only $35 bucks worth of rental!

Tonight of course is the first game of the year for my Leafers. 2 to 2 right now at the end of the 2nd period. Team is playing good, and has lots of new players. So does Montreal. Whoops, 3rd period just started.... gotta go.....

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