Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life in Woodstock, Ontario!

We have been here in Woodstock since last Saturday, and it is a great spot. One thing for sure is that it is warmer here by far than life in Gravenhurst.
One small problem we have run into is "Ladybugs".... man, there are thousands of them here... and they bite apparently... They come right through the seal on the front door of the RV...can't believe it. Judy gets made at me cause I won't kill them, I live trap them in a glass and then release them outside to live again.... :-))

We are staying at Casey's RV Park, just outside Woodstock, in a small town called Salford. It is very nice and quiet. Everyone has allready gone home I think for the season. There are signs around the park saying "Beware of Attack Ducks"... they meant it... here they are:

I was talking to the owner of the Park today, and he tells me they are a special variety of duck that live in the pond on the side of the park and in the spring, apparently they eat the mosqueto eggs before they hatch... gotta love it. They also like bread to eat, and just walk up on into the park and go from RV to RV and basically beg for food. If you feed them, they are your friends for life.

The owner had a lot of request from seasonal campers here for some storage sheds, but local bylaws did not allow it. He got around it by putting them all at the back of the camp and here is what he did with them:

He made them look like a "western town", kind of cool.

Here is a picture of the RV and our site. As mentioned, it is very quiet around this park, and very quiet at night which is great for sleeping.

Hade the RV in London this afternoon to have a couple new part installed on our Onan Generator. The problem is that they actually had to remove the generator out of the RV in order to change the parts out. Yikes. At least 8 hours of work by the dealer to do this. This is one expense we had not counted on... life in the RV....

Judy went in to Woodstock today and spent the day with Kristina.... cutting lawns, doing laundry, and shopping for groceries... a busy day.

That's it for today.

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