Friday, October 29, 2010


Today was just one of those days you cannot seem to warm up for me!  It was raining when I got up and it was cold… stayed that way all day!

Judy went with Kristina and Stephanie over to Guelph to do some shopping.  I stayed at the RV and took life easy… never did warm up though…

Not much of a picture for today, and I tried to sharpen it up, but… not so good.  It was taken this morning as I drove back to our RV along the Sweaburg Road.  The Llamas are on a real nice estate lot with a real nice home… the one with his head up would not take his eyes off me as I stopped to snap a quick pic.  Only had the small camera and had to zoom quite a bit, so that is why it is kind of blurry…


I received an email from Bob Hayes this morning who is on his way to Phoenix, Az.  He is pulling his 5th and has another trailer on behind with his motorcycle.   Judy and I actually seen him booting down the 401 yesterday as we were riding into Woodstock in the morning… it is a small world sometimes… we hope to run into Bob in Phoenix late in November!

This picture was taken along the same road as above, and shows what these people think of Ontario Hydro.  These panels are just being installed.  I would suspect they would be able to sell some of the excess power back to Ont. Hydro.  Looks like a big outlay of funds to me!


That about wraps up today…

Till tomorrow…


  1. I'm seeing more & more of those solar panel deals going up on farms around here & yes, today's cold dampness just wouldn't let anyone werm up!!

  2. Brrr, it's cold here as well. Stay safe and warm!