Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dog days of summer….

Seems a little late in the year, but today was a dog day of summer…  we headed into Kristina’s as Judy wanted to do some laundry up, and we took Cali out for a walk over to the dog park.

Lots of room in the dog park…


Purina, the Company that makes all the dog food, have a big mill and factory in downtown Woodstock, and the dog park is right behind the factory.  There is no signs or anything, but I am assuming Purina donated the land for the park.


There were lots of dogs running around just having a ball.  Al from the Bayfield Bunch would be in doggy heaven here with his crew of 3. I counted over 10 dogs at the park today, and they all played together real good!


Back at the house, Judy taught Cali how to “shake a paw” today for the first time… she got real good at it! 


Lots of comments on last nights blog with the fancy motor home… seems lots of people want the 649 to come in!

Judy and I have decided to stay where we are at Casey’s Park, just west of Woodstock, until next Monday anyways.  The weather will be good until then.  My Dr. appointment is Monday, Nov. 8, so we will have to work some plans up for next week.  It will depend on the weather, which at least has not got too cold here yet! 

Tonight we had a Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner with Chris and Kristina.  It was nice for Stephanie from down under to experience it.  They do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia!  Nor do the celebrate Halloween… what gives?

Till tomorrow…


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  1. no thanksgiving??..what the heck is that about!!..nice dog boy Tucker would have had a great time!!