Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots to be thank full for!

It is sure starting to sound like a broken 33 lp record when we talk about the weather… simply a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend!

We are thank full for our little dash cat, “Patra” who is soaking in some rays…


Judy and I took a hike on the KOA’s own trail, we tried to do it last year, but got turned back by too much water on the trail…


This log turned out to be the highest point on the trail again this year… we were turned back… to much water!


Nice country lane in our park…


As the trail was too wet, we decided to hike the bike trails across the road at Buckwallow, which is a Mountain Bike Facility!


It was a great day, and there were many bikers out on the trails… they charge $10.00 a day for the bikers to enjoy many clicks of trails…


Found a neat sign for Kristina’s collection…


Nice shot of the pond full of trout at the KOA with the Office and Barn in the background.


Working on the blog tonight as I enjoy the Maple Leaf’s playing Ottawa… yes, they are winning 3 to 0 at the midway point of the second period!  Seems to be a new team this year!  Lets hope so…

Till tomorrow…

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  1. Pretty photo of the pond. I also like to snap photos of "signs", also water towers.