Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch out for the attack Ducks…

Last year when we came to Casey’s Park, just west of Woodstock, we were greeted by the two attack Ducks that called the Park home!  This year, no one greeted us, other than the owner looking for us to help fill his pockets with money!

All of a sudden today this happened…

the attack Ducks showed up…   We came home from being out all day, and I got attacked!  They are insane!  They want blood!


Just look how ruthless they are…   the only way I could get rid of them was to throw them a handful of Patra’s cat food!  It worked!  They were happy and let me pass!


Because of our position this year, with being delayed in leaving, we had to make some contingency plans… just in case! 

We drove up to Milton which is just west of Toronto and scouted out an RV Park, that is actually opened here all year.   They protected the utilities by putting each sites taps and drains inside cement culverts and it works!   This place is open to RV’ers 12 months of the year.  Where they are located, they will not get a lot of snow, but will get some!

We will have to make plans for next week, before I go to see the Dr. and they will probably be made this weekend.

Tonight I made a special dinner of my favourite, “Manicotti” up.  We invited Chris and Kristina, and Stephanie and Josh out to enjoy dinner and watch the Leafs lose… again!  We all had a great night! 

I was reading Al’s blog from the Bayfield Bunch tonight.  He lost his Key to his Jeep and was not too happy.  Our Jeep only came with one key and when I went to get another, I got the shock of my life… $200.00 for a key!  No wonder I have a weak heart!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Hey, Paulette made Manicotti for dinner tonight too. Maybe you should be thinking about having 'Duck L'Orange' for dinner tomorrow night!!

  2. We don't have any optional power equipment on our Jeep (power locks etc) so I'm hoping the key will be cheaper. It's beginning to sound like just another normal greedy rip off on the part of the auto industry.

  3. Don't let those ducks know that you have “Manicotti” for dinner. They might want that instead of the cat food.