Saturday, May 2, 2015

A building project to keep the skills up...

I don't know what is going on, but the weather here in south western Ontario is simply wonderful! We are getting temperatures up near 30 deg. C. here this weekend, and lots of sun and clear skies... what is going on?

Well, we will just take it, and found a job to do while we take it. Over the winter, which was long and hard here, the Kid's had 4 or 5 sections of a fence blow down that ajoined to a neighbours house. That was the first problem, the second was that there was now an 8 foot deep swimming pool exposed to the backyard, which is not good for the kids out playing! This had to be fixed and fixed soon!

You can see above that Chris put up a red temporary construction fence to help keep Gwenny and Charlie corralled into the back yard. Last weekend, we had sunk and set the 6 fence posts into the ground with a bunch of cement in each one to help hold in place!


We used screw nails to hold the fence together, and this is the new style pressure treated wood. No longer does it come green from the lumber store...kind of nice.

We started around 10:00 this morning, and by 3 we had it pretty well assembled.

Chris got out the skill saw and knocked down the excess length on the fence posts, and we were done! All the kids had to do was play on the swing!


Here is what Judy did today while all the fence work was being completed... special bonding time with Lois!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That's a great looking fence and what a lucky Granny to get all that bonding time with Lois!!

  2. shhhh,,,, don't question this amazing weather just enjoy it !
    Always something to fix up.