Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lois has a big day...

Last Sunday young Lois celebrated her Baptism. Turned out to be a fantastic day all around, including great mid summer weather.

Chris and Kristina brought this fantastic cake to the Church but somehow everyone else beat me too it, and I didn't even get a crumb...sigh...


Judy and I got to help coral the big kids while Mom and Dad were busy with Lois! Look how big they are quickly growing... I know!

Amy and Jason flew in all the way from Edmonton, and stood in as the God Parents for young Lois! They are good friends of Chris and Kristina...it was great to see them, and they are expecting their own first bundle fo joy this coming August! Good luck!

There were three babies Baptised in total, so it was a busy day. Chris' Brother, Kevin, and his Wife, Ramona, had their young son, Logan Baptised as well! Big day for the Family!


Lois is named after her Great Grandmother, Lois, who you see above! Oh yes, that Baptism Gown that is being worn by Lois is over 104 years old!

A fantastic reception was held by Lois's Grandma Diane and Grampa David at their home... simply a great time, and no one went home hungry.



Till tomorrow...



  1. Looks like a great day all around!

  2. Thank you John for the photos and update about Sunday's celebration. Such lovely photos of all of you!!

  3. Beautiful day for the celebration.
    Lets face it John you didn't want a piece of cake so you could get another wear out of your suit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.