Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Two years ago today, Charlie was born, and has never looked back! What a great day we enjoyed with him today to celebrate!

We started off by taking Charlie and Gwenny over to our walking track, which also doubles as an indoor soccer field! The track is elevated above the field. The kids had a ball on the field with a bunch of other kids who come out just to kick around some balls for an hour... great exercise for them.

Took the kids over to McD's for a Happy Meal, and 45 minutes playing in the indoor playground. Everthing was indoors today, as it was a bit rainy and yucky out.

Later this afternoon things got a move on, as we had a birthday party for Charlie...



There was no shortage of gifts for him, and he just got right at it! Had a blast watching him!

I had a couple videos to put up, but just having problems with Blogsy tonight during the upload... will have to wait...

Till tomorrow...


  1. A good day was had and nice birthday celebration too.

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie! You're getting to be a big boy. Sure glad to see you got lots of new toys for your birthday - that's given me some ideas for my little guy Mason who'll be 2 next month.

    John - YouTube video errors are affecting LiveWriter as well. Here's why:

    YouTube changed their API (Application Programming Interface) and it has caused the YouTube integration in Blogsy and LiveWriter to stop working. Blogsy is aware of it but it may take a week or so for them to get the changes made and approved.