Friday, May 8, 2015

No shortage of things to do...

Well, one thing we are doing for sure here in southern Ontario, is enjoying 30 + Deg. C. weather! What is going on... it is still ealy May! Check out the picture I took of the Control Screen in our Chevy Cruze this afternoon...

It may not be totally in focus, but it is reporting 35 Degrees C. outside the car. We certainly had the air conditioning on, that is for sure! We are having record breaking temperatures, and we will take it!

Judy and I were in to do a bit of baby sitting for Kristina this morning, and I had time to cut the lawn for them... check out this nice rose coloured bush in the back yard, right in front of the fence we just built last weekend.

The two pictures above are taken from a nice hiking trail we found in the south east section of London, while we were over there all day yesterday for Medical Appointments. We had a bit of time for a nice hike before stopping for lunch at Timmy's...

This morning we had a great time with the kids, and ended up taking them over to the local McDonald's Restaurant for Happy Meals... they simply loved it, and played at the indoor playground for over 1/2 an hour. It was too hot outside for the outdoor parks. There is A/C inside! :-)

This week we pulled the motorcycles out of hybernation, and you can see Judy taking the dust off of hers... took a real nice ride over to Paris, Ontario for another great hike.


Judy has been getting her Lo Lo fix for the last few days... Lois, as you can tell, is getting ready for a big weekend. She will be Baptised this coming Sunday, Mother's Day! Will be fun!

Kristina was out picking up Friends Amy, and Jason this afternoon at the London Airport. They flew in from Alberta for the Baptism, where it was -1 Deg. this morning when they left, and over 30 deg. this afternoon when they thought they had landed in Mexico by mistake!

Till tomorrow...

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  1. Gotta be loving the wonderful weather, just as much as we do.